Phonogram Word Cards

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Miss Rhondas readers.JPG

Phonogram Word Cards



The Phonogram Word Cards are a comprehensive group of over 350 words ready to be sorted into 41 different phonogram sets or booklets. The isolated sound is printed in green. As always, the words were intentionally selected to relate to a child’s world and interests.  We’re proud to offer such quality for nearly half the cost of other Montessori based phonogram cards. These cards are usually used in school settings, but are great for families  too. Sounds or combinations include:


• Long vowels sounds: [ai, ay, ei, a-e], [ee, e-e, y, ea, ie], [ie, y, igh, i-e], [oa, oe, ow, o-e], [ue, ew, oo, u-e]

• Vowel combinations: [ou, ow], [oy, oi]

• Also: [er, ir, ur], ar, or, sh, ch, th, ph, [gi, ge], [ci, ce]

Each 3.5x2 inch card is made of sturdy cardstock

Crafted and printed in Atlanta with child-safe soy based inks and tree preserving FSC papers. 


(Handcrafted pouches sold separately)

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